Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic autoimmune condition in which the immune system attacks the protective covering of nerves.  MS causes debilitating symptoms such as chronic pain, generalized weakness, muscle spasticity and paralysis.  Symptoms varies among each individual, thus being a difficult condition to ascertain how MS will affect each individual.

Medical cannabis has been researched in the treatment for MS, and studies have found that cannabis helps decrease pain and spasticity that are common symptoms of MS.  Many studies have been conducted within the United States and in other countries, and have found favoring responses per patient reports. Researchers conducted a cross sectional study, asking subjects to complete a survey reporting their experience with medical marijuana certification, usage, and effects.  About 77 percent said medical marijuana was helpful in managing symptoms, mainly spasticity and pain. They reported no side effects.”  One patient in particular reported “Cannabis reduces inflammation, slowing down the disease activity and calming your entire system.”  It is not surprising that medical cannabis has such great benefits for MS.

Considering not all states have legalized medical cannabis, ensure your state has legally endorsed either recreational or medical.  Finding a medical cannabis provider or a medical cannabis doctor is the first step in obtaining of your certification.  Medical cannabis has been very helpful in the treatment of chronic conditions.  MS has been proven by both studies and direct patient reports, that medical cannabis/medical marijuana is very helpful in managing their chronic symptoms, and increasing quality of life.

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